Workplace Injuries

Common Work Injuries Treated by our North Olmsted and Cleveland Heights Chiropractors

When someone comes to see their chiropractor after a personal injury, it is common for their ailment to have originated at work. At Dreas Healthcare Services, our chiropractors in Cleveland Heights and North Olmsted treat a variety of common types of work injuries. Common work injuries treated with chiropractic care include the following:

Man with back pain at work.

Overexertion Injuries

Injuries such as lifting injuries, strained neck and back, and frozen shoulder may all be at least partially due to overexertion. Some of these injuries can be prevented by taking needed breaks, and using proper techniques when lifting. There are also ways to set up workspaces in a more ergonomic way in order to reduce these injuries.

Poor Posture and Ergonomic Issues

Sore backs or shoulders are also a common injury complaint for those who work in an office. This often happens because their posture is incorrect while they are working, or their chair has not been set up with the correct ergonomics for their body. In these cases, chiropractors are useful not only to deal with the discomfort associated with these issues, but also to help find ways to prevent them in the future. 

Falls and Reaction injuries 

When we are about to fall, it is instinct to try and catch ourselves, but sometimes in doing so, we can wind up injured.  While a fall, especially from a high place can result in major injuries that may require more than chiropractic care, reactionary injuries can throw the back, neck, or shoulders out of alignment and bring about a good deal of pain.

Repetitive Motion Injuries  

Repetitive motion injuries can come from a wide variety of work related actions from swinging a hammer to typing. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common personal injury to the hand and wrist associated with repetitive motion.

Vehicle Accidents 

Since driving is required for many jobs, it is no wonder that many work injuries happen while in a vehicle. These accidents can cause many types of injury, from neck injuries due to whiplash, to back aches from slipped discs or sciatica reaching into the legs,

How a Chiropractor Can Help Treat Work Injuries

Whether you are injured at work, in an auto accident, while playing a sport, or just through the wear and tear of life, there are many ways that chiropractors can help. Various injuries result in misalignments, which can often be fixed through a series of chiropractic adjustments. In addition, chiropractors also provide guidance on how to take necessary precautions to avoid further injury at work, whether that is through proper ergonomics at your desk, or reviewing your work environment to make sure all the right safety precautions are in place.

If a personal injury does happen because your employer is negligent in following safety regulations, or if you need to take time off or follow an insurance claim due to workplace injuries, having a record available from your chiropractor can come in handy for those purposed as well as your physical recovery.

Contact our North Olmsted or Cleveland Heights Chiropractor

Dreas Healthcare Services uses a whole person approach to treat patients and create a wellness plan to prevent as much future discomfort as possible. To learn more how we can help you through your work or other injuries, contact our North Olmsted chiropractic office at 440-779-4226, or our Cleveland Heights chiropractic office at 216-675-3311 to schedule an appointment.

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