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Excellent place! Really great physical therapy and great people who work there. Highly recommend. They helped me with my back injury and really motivated me as well as helped me recover. The staff there is excellent.

Mario K.

Feeling Fabulous now.. they helped me greatly. I had very sharp lower back pain and could hardly walk. Now I am pain Free!!! The staff is friendly and caring. This helps you feel more comfortable and I was more inclined to continue your path to physically wellness.

Jennifer A.

Couldn’t ask for better medical care. Staff is friendly, environment is immaculate. The best quality of equipment provided for your needs. They truly care about your health you are not just another patient. I feel one of their best qualities would be their communication. I have a very busy life and a forgetful mind and their text message reminders are very helpful. Highly recommend.

Maria B.

Dreas is my go to place for back pain. The staff is friendly, and Dr. Steve got me back to work in no time. Highly recommend.

Nick R.

I’m extremely happy with the results of treatment by Dr. Papandreas. I experienced a noticeable difference – less back & neck pain— after just a few visits and three weeks later now see a vast difference. I will be sure to get regular adjustments hereafter. It’s nice to visit his office with such friendly and welcoming staff. Don’t live in pain – get adjusted!!

Lisa W.

Very pleased. Dr. Steve is helping me with chronic neck pain, with amazing results. The staff is great, from the front desk to physical therapy and the massage girl . All top notch. They all follow covid guidelines very well, everything is sanitized constantly and the entire place is very clean. I feel confident in all their efforts.

Nancee W.