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Physical Therapy at Dreas Healthcare Services in North Olmsted and Cleveland Heights

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. A devastating illness, acute injury, major surgical procedure or other challenge can leave you with reduced physical function and a variety of lingering, unpleasant symptoms. But you may also be able to regain that lost function and tame your symptoms naturally, without drugs. Here at Dreas Healthcare Services, our Cleveland Heights and North Olmsted chiropractor may prescribe physical therapy services that complement our other natural healing techniques, giving you the tools and processes you need to fight your way back to a satisfying quality of life.

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What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a broad term that can be applied to many different kinds of healing modalities, all directed toward the goal of helping you improve your level of pain-free functional mobility. That mobility may be impaired by anything from an acute neurological event (such as a stroke or pinched nerve) or damaged muscles to a chronic degenerative ailment such as arthritis or degenerative disc disease. A lengthy recovery from illness or surgery may also have left you in a weakened or debilitated state. Physical therapy aims to maximize your recuperation through techniques such as corrective or stretching exercises, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, traction, and massage.

Processes, Tools, and Modalities at Our Chiropractic Clinic

Our chiropractor North Olmsted and Cleveland Heights chiropractor, Dr. Papandreas, will first evaluate your function carefully to determine whether you're a good candidate for physical therapy. In addition to measuring your strength, balance, and range of motion, we will also check your neurological and cardiopulmonary function to assess your current overall health level. If we find that a musculoskeletal misalignment is contributing to your symptoms, we will also administer chiropractic adjustments to bring your joint components back into proper working order.

Once you're ready to add physical therapy to your holistic healing routine, we will work on easing pain, inflammation, rightness or swelling in soft tissues. Massage therapy, heat, ice, and other treatments can relax your muscles and help you make better use of other physical therapy techniques.

Your exercise program will depend on the nature and severity of your problem. These exercises may be roughly categorized as either active or passive. Passive exercises involve the assistance of the therapist to move the affected body part, while active exercises place that body part entire under your own power. cycling, walking on a treadmill, and other forms of exercise can strengthen your lower extremities, while core training exercises can improve your balance and spinal support.

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