Auto Accident Injury

man holding neck from whiplash pain from an auto accident injury

Auto Accident Injury Treatment in North Olmsted and Cleveland Heights

When you have been in an auto accident, you can end up sustaining serious injuries that cause severe discomfort. In some cases, you might not realize that you have a bad injury until later on as it gradually gets worse. If your injuries do not heal properly, you can develop chronic pain and stiffness that interferes with your daily activities.

At Dreas Healthcare, we offer chiropractic care in Cleveland Heights and North Olmsted for auto accident injuries.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Although you can suffer injuries to many parts of your body when you are in a collision, back injuries tend to occur more often than others. There are several kinds of back injuries that can happen in a car accident. You might have any of the following injuries that affect the upper or lower spine:

  • Whiplash: This is a common injury to the neck that occurs from abrupt jerking motion of the head
  • Bulging disc or herniated disc that occurs when a spinal disc is damaged and the cartilage within it pushes out. 
  • Compression fractures: These can occur due to sudden and severe pressure or force on your spine during an accident.
  • Dislocation fractures: Fractures that affect your vertebrae or spinal bones can also damage the soft tissue in the surrounding area.
  • Ligament, muscle and tendon tears: These soft tissue structures in your back can become torn or damaged when you are in a car accident. 

Minor vs. Severe Injuries

Minor injuries usually do not cause much discomfort right after an accident, while severe injuries cause significant pain. However, injuries that seem mild or minor at first might actually be more serious. These injuries might not produce severe symptoms right away, but they can end up causing considerable discomfort as they get worse and are left untreated. If you have any injuries in a car accident, even if you think they are mild, you should have them diagnosed to ensure that you receive prompt care for proper healing, 

Chiropractic Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries

If you take over-the-counter medications or use other home care measures for auto accident injuries and do not find relief, chiropractic care offers another option. At Dreas Healthcare, our North Olmsted and Cleveland Heights chiropractors perform chiropractic adjustments to realign damaged spinal discs, which helps ease pain and inflammation. Making sure that you have a properly aligned spine can also help the damaged areas heal properly. Chiropractic adjustments also take pressure off of nerves, leading to pain relief. 

Contact Our Cleveland Heights or North Olmsted Chiropractor

If you have injuries from a car accident, please contact our chiropractor in North Olmsted to schedule an appointment. At Dreas Healthcare, we offer chiropractic adjustments and other treatments to help you recover from your auto accident injuries. For auto injury treatment, contact our North Olmsted chiropractor at (440) 779-4226 or our Cleveland Heights chiropractor at (216) 675-3311.

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